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How to Achieve Discipline in the Classroom

RBK - Hanumant High School | 3rd March, 2016 Back to Blog

Every school wants to have disciplined students in the school and classroom. You should know discipline is not about what you want the students to do. Being an educator, discipline is all about offering a wonderful and positive learning environment for the students. When talking about discipline, RBK Hanumant School in Bhavnagar believes in creating a positive environment to get the desirable behavior. This further helps in discouraging misconduct. Discipline cannot be controlled, but it comes from within.

There are a number of ways through which you can achieve discipline in the classroom. Some of them are mentioned below:


This is one of the most vital aspects you need to consider. Once you enter the classroom ensure you have student's complete focused in the classroom. Now, you will not get the complete dedication from the students if you are using the same mundane and traditional teaching methods. If you want your children to be focused, you are advised to use innovative and unique teaching methods. RBK Hanumnat School considers this aspect vital and makes use of innovative teaching methods. This is what makes it the most considered CBSE schools in Bhavnagar.

Create a positive environment

Students tend to learn better, when the environment is friendly and positive. One of the best ways to do so is by asking students to participate in the classroom discussion. Apart from this, instead of standing in one place and teaching, teachers can roam around the whole classroom. It is of paramount importance that teachers make eye contact while teaching.

Be calm and yet stern

When faculties are kind and friendly students tend to take advantage of this. This can be clearly seen when the classroom is not attentive or disciplined. It is wise that you are kind, calm and yet stern. Just because a student is misbehaving does not mean you have to make a rash decision. It is wise to make an impression that you cannot be taken lightly. Faculties should be friendly, but at the same time stern too.

Parent support and involvement is vital

You will find a number of the CBSE schools in Gujarat and around have PTA meeting. This is basically Parents Teachers Association in which both parents and teachers come together to help the school grow. Now in this, teachers can even talk about a certain student. It is wise to know that parents do make a lasting difference in the behavior of the student.

Through leadership and discipline

Another way to inculcate discipline is by asking students to be a leader. Once they are the leaders they will know how important it is to be disciplined in the classroom. This is done with having monitors in the classroom. You can let these monitors handle the classroom while you are away for some work, like say you are urgently called to the principal’s office and so on.


No one likes to work for something that is not acknowledged. As a faculty member, it is wise that you acknowledge his/her hard work and appreciate for it. When you offer positive feedback to one student, other students too want it. In order to receive it, students will do better job the next time.

Well, these were just some of the ways through which discipline can be inculcated in the classroom. Ensure you choose the best school in Bhavnagar and around for your child that considers these aspects.