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Mr. Amalavathi Dasari | 15th March, 2016 Back to Blog

A THANKS is a magical word which brings wonder in our life. It can make our relationships very strong. The deepest craving nature of the human beings must be appreciated. If our heart is full of the feelings, It needs to be expressed in words. Gratitude is a positive emotion.

Benefits of Gratitude:
  • • Head of biological Psychologist at Duke University Medical center once stated that “If thankfulness were a drug, it would be the world’s bestselling product with a health maintenance indication for every major organ system.”
  • • It has a number of measurable effects on a number of systems in our body. Including
        i. Mood hemotransmitters.( Serotonin and Nor epinephrine)
        ii. Inflammatory and Immune systems.(Cytokines)
        iii. Reproductive hormones.( Testosterone)
        iv. Stress hormones. ( Cortisol)
        v. Social bonding hormones. (Oxytocin)
        vi. Blood Pressure, Cardiac and EEG rhythms.
  • • A room of gratitude leaves no space for complaining.
  • • It makes you feel happy, irrespective of negative situation.
  • • It makes our relationships strong.
  • • It can change the other person’s mood.
  • • It brings smile on your smile.
  • • It improves decision making and increases energy.
  • • It makes people like us.
  • • It boosts our career.
  • • It develops our personality.
  • • It increases spiritualism and self-esteem.
  • • It improves sleeping.
  • • It takes our attention off of our problems.
  • • It increases our life span.
  • • It makes us feel good.
  • • It makes you more amiable.
  • • It makes us memories happier
  • • It increases our goals and achievements.
  • • It makes other person smile.
  • STORY:

    Once there were ten lepers in the village. Because of their deadly disease they were treated as an out caste of the society. One day the poor lepers went to the Jesus. They begged him to cure them from their deadly disease. Jesus felt pity on them and with his divine power he cured them. On their way back all found that they were cured. Out of the ten one came back and thanked him. Jesus was shocked and asked, “Were not ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?

    The unfortunate result was 90% of them missed the second, more important gift Jesus had planned for them which was spiritual life.

    The story is an example for “gratitude gives and receives”. Thus gratitude is called the Gate way of spiritual Discipline. (17:11-19)

    Today God has given 86,400 seconds. Let us use maximum of the seconds to show “Gratitude”. Have an attitude of gratitude.